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13 July 2022


So how do things lie? The US Investor (USI) wants to invest. His business is buying + building + selling on. The Entrepreneurial Dentist (ED) has done well as a Dentist and as an Entrepreneur. He wants more of the same + with the US Investor on board he can buy his much wanted house-by-the-sea The Local Dentists (LDs) remain undecided. They want a higher standard of living but not at the cost of their independence.

The movement is now with the LDs. They are supportive of the one Dentist facing two negligence claims from the vexatious patient and stand by him. Thy are not so supportive of the male LD who saw a young schoolgirl on two occasions without a nurse being present and is now facing indecent charges at Crown Court He is cast aside + is forced to leave the collective practice.

Th problem is that the LD’s see the commercial value to the ED of his proposed sale the USI but they worry about the remoteness of the control of their local practices. Head Office of the USI in Los Angeles is a long way from a local dental practice in Tiverton. The LDs are local people who do not sit comfortably with the numbers based hard-headed business practices of the USI.

The Mediator senses the time is right to suggest that the USI meets with the LD’s. The USI realises that the logjam needs to be broken and the ED feels a big payday is approaching. The LD’s stand firm – “we will meet but it has to be in Tiverton!”  It is agreed. The Meeting takes place. The ED is smiling at everyone. The USI is coached in how to appear – low key, respectful, ‘talk less and listen’. He also comes with something in his pocket.

Tiverton is the setting for a wonderful clash of cultures. The USI in the company jet. The ED full of bonhomie and the LDs’ sensing they are the deal breakers.




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