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26 June 2021


Picking up from Episode 1, the Hearing is over + the next step is to write the award. But for a combination of reasons, you lack inspiration. The brain is not engaged. The ideas are not taking shape. The page remains blank.

The first option, addressed yesterday, is to just write words on a page. Put something down in an attempt to engage the mind + record some thoughts. Briefly, words not sentences, just trigger points. Sometimes this works + you pick up the threads and a reasoning process takes shape.

The alternative is to put the papers to one side + take a break. Don’t try to draft. Just take a long walk + enjoy the views and remember that you need “play” as well as “work”.

A walk is so restorative and, with eyes wide open, look around you. Trees, flowers, grass borders, deep breaths, purposeful walking, chimneys, gardens, the clouds/blue sky. Interact with Nature. It is rewarding. And lots of deep breaths.

On the second long walk – about an hour – another value appears as you repetitively place one foot in front of the other. You start to ask yourself questions about the issues in the arbitration. So, when some normality has returned + the appetite for wrestling with the issues returns, you address some of the issues – very much with a “on the one hand/on the other hand” approach.

So, first, issues present themselves + second, you examine them with a For/Against plan. The walking helps. The rhythm helps. The mind begins to engage + it makes a return to the laptop or to long hand easier to handle.

The next issue is to have a plan – a list of issues which you tick off one by one as you make progress. Ideas are engaged. The pros + cons offer you shape and you are back in the saddle.

Episode 3 Monday 28 June
The Completed Draft



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