Unconscious Bias

Unconscious Bias

Written by Graham Perry

20 February 2021

Unconscious bias is a big issue.

How do Mediators and Arbitrators deal with this problem?

The difficulty is that the bias is not always recognised or detected and that is because the bias is nearly always unconscious.

Our problem has been that we could only deal with bias when we had displayed bias. It was always “after the event”.

Help is at hand. We are now on notice that bias does exist. It happens and we need to be on our guard. We need to avoid bias and deal with it before it happens.

So we need Bias Training. We need to be trained so our minds can be cleared of prejudice – however unconscious it may be.
So let’s list the examples of bias and discuss them to make us better mediators and better arbitrators.

In future daily posts I will highlight some examples – anti-women; anti-black; anti-foreign; anti-loud clothes; anti-forceful personality and the rest. Bias does lurk in the recesses of our minds ever ready to pounce

Have a good weekend and look out for my post – tomorrow – Sunday 21st February 2021




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