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12 May 2022



The Mediators, first, meet in three separate meetings with the 3 personal teams representing the Ukrainians, Yemenis + UK Citizens. No women at all from the Ukrainians or the Yemenis +, despite pushing on this issue, the Mediators realise little will change – they decide to accept. Their purpose is to listen to what the Leaders want to say, +, then, move on to the problems + possible solutions to the issues threatening social stability in the City of Hedgewood. Their primary goal, however, is to commence the process of dialogue. The meetings go well – but bigger challenges lie ahead.

The same approach applies to the UK citizens – local people (of all nationalities) concerned that their entitlement to help from the Council is being eroded by the arrival of the Ukrainians + the Yemenis. This is a tough meeting. Issues of Queue Jumping come to the fore + the Mediators make a mental note of the priority to address this issue. At this stage, they are listening not suggesting but their notes show clear underlining.

The meeting with the Government goes well. Ministers and Whitehall are pleased to know of the “£ for £” proposal – more attractive than a mere Cap In Hand request for money. The Mediators know they can get Government attention if they start the ball rolling + raise funds from Local Entrepreneurs.

The Mediators have done their homework on the Local Entrepreneurs. They decide to focus on a Few rather than cast the net too wide. The Few are monied. They are Local. They have egos. The Mediators have to win them over. But what can they offer? The kudos for helping their Community; the advantage of becoming known to the Government: promoting their own names in a significant Council-backed initiative, and an awareness of the good publicity that will come nationally if the initiative is successful. Five are positive. You decide to work with them. A breakthrough has been achieved. There is momentum.




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