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9 June 2021


You have had a private meeting with the parents who have disclosed the mother’s terminal illness. You know this information is a major new factor for the daughter – and maybe the fiancée for a different reason – and that it has to be passed to the couple jointly.
You caucus with the parents – full of tears as you seek their permission to mention the terminal illness to the daughter/fiancée. A long but essential session. Your sensitivity training comes into play. You know that the illness may affect the daughter’s mindset especially because the fiancée has revealed that his former wife – with the children – is moving from Surrey to the Midlands + the fiancée feels he has to move to be close to the children.
The parents give you the permission you seek. Now you caucus with the couple. A challenge for you as you tell the daughter that her mother will die within approx 2 years. There is emotion for the daughter + there is a calculation by the fiancee as he wrestles (quietly) with the choice taking shape between seeing his children + keeping open the engagement option (+ financial advantage).
The original issue – the property transfer from parents to daughter -recedes in importance as the prospect of bereavement comes into play + the daughter’s realisation that – being an only child – can she proceed with plans to marry the fiancée + move to the Midlands.
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