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9 March 2022


You have been appointed as Mediator by the Council Chief Executive Officer [CEO] and she has informed all interested parties of your appointment including the brother + sister Owners, the local Residents’ Association Chair, the Chair of the Planning Committee, + the Chief Legal Officer of your appointment. The CEO decides not to make a public announcement. You disagree with the CEO + prefer that the public are informed that a mediation process will take place. But you do not make it a point of principle.

You commence by meeting with the Planning Committee – and not just their Chair but all eight members  – because you prefer a more inclusive approach. You ask questions; – about the affordable housing; the effect on the development area; the effect on the Town; the effect on property prices; the problem of access to the site and the disruption caused by lorries carrying essential building machines/materials; and also the three roundabout construction and the possible need for additional schooling, medical and dentist surgeries.

None of the detail concerns us in this mediation scenario save for the social consequences of affordable housing, the provision of local shops, and the additional school and medical facilities. Without making light, you sense there are manageable solutions to these three issues. There are two standout problems – first, local transport and, second, the interruption to the residents’ Quiet Enjoyment. You are informed that some residents do object to limited single-decker buses and also to the prolonged lorry access issue caused by the 18 month construction period.

There are no problems within the Planning Committee. They are positive about the development providing problems can be found to the two standout problems. They believe the initiative is good for the Town. There is no internal rivalry and they are pleased with the commitment to the three roundabouts + the affordable housing.

EPISODE 3 – 11 MARCH 2022




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