Settlement Offers Can Create Problems

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Written by Graham Perry

Graham Perry M.A. Cantab FCIArb Experienced Arbitration Lawyer | China & Chinese Business Affairs | Public Speaker/Lecturer

8 March 2021

You are doing a commercial mediation. Things are going well. There is movement and open minds.

In a private meeting, Party A authorises you to inform Party B that Party A will accept an immediate one-off payment of £80,000 from Party B in settlement of the dispute.

You then go into to see Party B. As you sit down, and before you have a chance to say anything, Party B informs you that they are prepared to pay £100,000 to Party A in an immediate one-off payment. in settlement of the dispute.

What is your next step?

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  1. Johny

    take 20k as bonus? 🙂


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