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22 July 2021


You have met with George + Hatty (G+H) and now you call next door + speak to Tessa who, like H, also invites you over for tea with her and Alvin

The houses are both solid mock Tudor. The interiors are, however quite different. #6 is quiet, conventional, with a photo of the Queen over the mantlepiece in the drawing-room. By comparison, the interior of #8 is full of lights + mirrors + modern furniture. Each to their own – you think to yourself – but the word “garish” comes to mind.

Tessa and Alvin are lively/happy. Friends since school married young and have built a family, a business + a residence. They are pleased to have moved onto the Estate. The problem is noiseless arguments between George + Hatty and more to do with loud talking and loud TV. Not rows, but decibels. It is intrusive/irritating. Tensions are rising.

The couple is good people – somewhat “in your face” but pleasant. When you focus on their arrival and the impact upon G + H, they have not appreciated the change imposed upon G+H. They are not inconsiderate – just have not given it much thought. They were preoccupied with the new house, new schools + settling in.

You sniff a possible initiative when you learn that the son’s hobby, football apart, is making plans. You make a mental note to see if George might be interested in “talk planes” with the boy. Duxford + Concorde come to mind. Football, too, is in the frame because the boy has a soft spot for AFC Bournemouth. Alvin mentions his present big job is a housing renewal for a medical couple 10 miles away. – “Ear, Nose + Throat” flits across your mind + Alvin resolves to make enquiries about the condition of developing deafness.

You are beginning to see initiatives + the time to present them is approaching. But…




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