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1 July 2021


You caucus with the parties – first with Celia + Daryll. Both in their 40’s. Both happily married. Both a little self-centred.
Though not quite venomous, their target is Therese who they met when she was first employed as the Carer. They liked her then – not now. They feel deceived by Therese who, as they see it, worked her way into their father’s life, played on his insecurities + then without consultation moved into his house, then into his bed. The children assume she is a devious money-grabber whose real intent all along was to oust the children from the father’s affections + to take control of his life in his vulnerable final months. Is it true or have they been watching too much TV?
You remain neutral, impartial + your questions are exploratory + non-accusatory but to the point.  The six children are all well – no health issues. Daryll eats up motorway miles in his land surveying business. Younger sister Celia focuses on the home + the children and she has ambitions to become the Conservative candidate at the next General Election. She is in Newmarket + road works make it a long round trip to Bury St Edmonds. She is also a keen Badminton player. You can see that she is focusing on her life, her family + her ambitions. Are these self-serving narratives?
A picture is beginning to emerge. The children speak touchingly about their father but there is a gap between words + actions. Why did they not make more of an effort to visit him? Was a weekly phone call really a show of genuine affection? Did they not wonder how he was adjusting to Therese as the carer. You have your doubts. But it is only Half Time.

Tomorrow you are meeting with Therese. You need to get the whole picture. Is she a gold-digger or a conscientious carer? Was she deeply moved by the Father’s death or was it merely a step towards money? And what is in Manila?
Episode 4
2 July 2021.



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